Seattle Single Family Home Investments

Seattle is gearing up to pass a law allowing addition of cottages and new dwelling units onto existing single family homes. Seattle City Council unanimously passed the legislation on July 1, 2019 meaning that Seattle Mayor can sign that legislation into law.  

This law will allow addition of ADU (additional dwelling unit) as well as cottages onto existing single family homes in Seattle. It will remove the requirements of owner having to live in that house as well as the requirement of having enough parking spaces on the house. These and other factors are introduced by the City to encourage development of additional housings in its city boundary. For investors, this means older homes that were not practical for investment are now feasible under these rule changes. 

Ameko has identified single family homes available in Seattle with enough lot sizes to accommodate ADUs that are candidates for investment creating positive cash flow for investors. Contact Ameko for more information on any of the homes listed below.