Kirkland Homes

Kirkland is a city in King County, Washington located on suburb east of Seattle. Its population was 88,630 as of 2017 and boasts popular parks along beaches of Lake Washington. It has vibrant restaurants and shops along the Lake Washington waterfront. It is the former home of Seattle Seahawks football team and warehouse chain Costco was originally headquartered there.

While Kirkland boasts of beautiful homes along the Lake Washington waterfront valued at $5 million or more, the median price of homes sold in 2018 was $776,000 in Kirkland which reflects downward shift of 3% from the year before. The current median price of homes listed for sale in Kirkland is $849,000 which reflects median price of $449 per square foot. This is higher than the current median list price of $293 for square foot of homes in Seattle-Tacoma-Bellevue metro area. The homes listed below shows homes available currently in Kirkland, WA for $849,000 or less.


Homes in Kirkland, WA for $849K or Less

Kirkland boasts some of the most beautiful homes available anywhere along its water front area. Here are some of those homes.

Kirkland, WA water front homes

Kirkland has 14 neighborhood communities within its boundaries. The map below shows them within the context of the city. 

The table below lists the neighborhoods in Kirkland, WA. Click on hyperlink enabled neighborhoods for information on that neighborhood including homes available for sale.

Central HoughtonEverestEvergreen HillFinn Hill
Moss BayNorkirkNorth Rose HillSouth Rose Hill/Bridle Trails
Totem Lake