Bellevue Homes

Bellevue is a vibrant city at the heart of Puget Sound area of Washington. In addition to Seattle Downtown, Bellevue downtown is going through significant growth due primarily to decision by many high tech companys’ decision to locate their operations here.

Map of Homes in Bellevue under $2 Million

Here are the latest listings of homes in Bellevue.


Bellevue has a vibrant collection of neighborhoods each of which are unique. More can be found on these neighborhoods by clicking here

BedRedBridle TrailsCougar Mountains / Lakemont
CrossroadsDowntownEastgate & Factoria
Lake HillsNewportNortheast Bellevue
Northwest BellevueSomersetWest Bellevue
West Lake SammamishWilburtonWoodridge
Source: City of Bellevue